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Big adventures, small boot-prints

Adventurous Ewe creates and delivers overseas expeditions and UK challenges whether they be trailblazing itineraries to remote pockets of the globe or classic bucket list adventures. We are passionate about igniting your adventurous spirit and achieving the extraordinary in some of the world’s most incredible places. Whether your a company, a charity, a flock of friends or a solo traveller, join us for your next adventure and know that you’re also helping the planet through our partnership with the fab environmental charity, Cool Earth. We not only want to make a difference to your life, your experiences and your stories, but to the lives, communities and environments of  this awe-inspiring planet.

We believe in epic goals, trailblazing adventures and pushing boundaries
We cheer, salute and support every person stepping outside their comfort zone
We celebrate the things that make us different and doing things that make a difference
We dream big, aim high, inspire others and believe #ewecandoit



6 reasons to join the flock at Adventurous Ewe:

1. Small groups

The beauty of small groups is not only the minimal impact you have on the environment (a high priority for us), you’re able to experience much more authentic encounters in far flung countries. Whether it be enjoying the peacefulness of a colourful desert sunset whilst perched on a sand-dune, having a group hug under the summit sign of Mt Toubkal, sharing a table in a rustic local restaurant or meeting local people and families and experiencing their way of life. Not forgetting the stories that you’ll share for years to come with your new friends who come from all walks of life.


2. Adventure should be for everyone

Age, budget, travelling solo, with friends, a corporate group or raising money for a charity – it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what matters is you experience a new and exciting adventure. Our mission is to deliver the best adventure travel or UK event experience to anyone who’s up for the challenge. There’s an adventure that awaits you whether it’s a one day trek in the UK or an extreme wilderness adventure in the Arctic Circle. Our trips range from single day to 3 week expeditions and are graded in difficulty from moderate through to extreme.  


3. Safety
Adventurous Ewe puts participants, leaders and crews safety at the centre of its operations. All overseas and UK based expeditions are intentionally difficult and require individual preparation as they are designed to take participants out of their every day comfort zones. We have a thorough Safety Management System and briefing tools for our Leaders and Crew with the aim of ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being whilst on an expedition. In the case of an incident or emergency all staff are aware procedures and evacuations plans. All teams carry communication systems whether it be radios, mobiles or satellite phones. Expeditions contain inherent risk and levels vary from expedition to expedition which is often part of the appeal of this style of travel. Adventurous Ewe has indepth risk assessments and risk management systems in place. In short, we identify hazards, minimise the likelihood of anything happening in the first place and then reduce the consequences if it does.


4. Personal service and experience
With being a small family business we pride ourselves with providing personal, professional and friendly service. We appreciate that everyone has different levels of experience and reasons for wishing to embark on an overseas expedition or sign up for a UK event and therefore require varying levels of support and guidance. We’re here to help you every step of the way from the moment you join the flock all the way through to completing the challenge and beyond. Jim and Sue’s knowledge and expertise stems from dozens of years of travelling and exploring the destinations that we visit in order to create amazing expeditions for you to experience and all supported by top-notch leaders and crew.

Our Leaders and Crew are the heart of Adventurous Ewe. They are guys & gals on the ground with you and are willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve the extraordinary. They are experienced, knowledgeable, approachable and are there to not only ensure you have a great time filled with amazing moments and achievements, they also ensure your safety and well being too.

Our Local Leaders are key to showing you the heart of a destination so it’s key that they live in the area whilst also providing local employment. Our Leaders are not only activity experts (high altitude mountaineering, trekking, cycling or kayaking guides), they’re a teacher of local customs, culture and the environment, travel buffs, have an understanding of individual needs and all whilst being an enthusiastic source of grassroots experiences.


5. Innovative adventures
Curiosity about exploring this vast planet ignites our passion to create new and unique experiences away from the well-trodden tourist trails. Whatever trip you choose, we strive to enhance your journey with authentic experiences, cultural exchange, enjoyable & safe exploration and stepping outside your comfort zone with like-minded people. 

Whilst we offer some of the classic destinations as they are just too good to miss, we also aim to venture off the beaten track. To discover new adventures in some of the more remote and less travelled places on the planet. Keep a look out for some new pioneering adventures launching soon to Rwanda, Columbia, Georgia and Papua New Guinea. 


6. Value for money
We’re a small family business with small overheads and work directly with locally owned operators to deliver your adventure, and cut out any unnecessary agents. We’re not saying our trips are the cheapest you will find, however, from the moment you join the flock on one of our adventures, you will be supported every step of the way. Plus we only work with the best local operators, where quality, safety and awe-inspiring adventures are at the core of your trip. We won’t scrimp on that.



Responsible travel is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed not just to treading lightly with small groups, but to making a real difference – by supporting local communities, wildlife conservation projects and the environment. We’re all about operating in a responsible manner and incorporating principles of sustainable tourism into the way we provide you with real life experiences. These values are ingrained in the culture and daily operations of the Adventurous Ewe team and on every trip.

Some of the responsible travel features embedded into Adventurous Ewe trips include:

  • Using local crew who are qualified leaders, support crew, cooks and drivers who are all extremely knowledgeable and willing to share their local way of life often with a big friendly smile
  • Staying in smaller-scale locally owned accommodation or with local families where possible
  • Buying locally produced food and drink, and dining in locally owned restaurants
  • Minimising plastic waste wherever possible (we have gone plastic free with our UK events)
  • Careful management of limited energy and water resources
  • Offering real life experiences which promote cross-cultural understanding
  • Operating with a ‘leave no trace’ ethos
  • Avoiding the exploitation of the vulnerable – including women, children, animals and endangered species
  • Operating with a ‘leave not trace’ ethos….

Take nothing but photos,
Leave nothing but boot-prints,
Keep nothing but memories.




We have teamed up with leading climate change charity Cool Earth, who also share our mission to protect the world’s precious natural spaces. To discover more about this exciting partnership, please visit 

Responsible Tourism

We are very excited to have teamed up with leading climate change charity Cool Earth, who share our mission to protect the planet’s precious environment in a sustainable manner. The future of rainforest protection is where everyone makes a difference to climate change!

We have also invested in Water-to-Go products so you, our valued flock, will be healthier whilst also helping to make the World a better place! Together we can dramatically reduce our consumption of single use plastics and support our responsible travel ethos of ‘Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but boot-prints, keep nothing but memories.’

As part of our commitment to helping the planet, members of the flock who join us for a big overseas expedition will receive an Adventurous Ewe Water-to-Go bottle. This is our way of saying thank-ewe and also making a difference to the consumption of single use plastics in developing countries.

Featured Tourism

Trek amongst vast volcanic landscapes, windswept grassy plains and massive glaciers. Join on our Patagonia Glacier and Ice Cap Trek. From £1850.00


Bespoke Trips

We offer Bespoke Trips. Subject to availabilty we are able to do trips that cater for you and take you to areas of the world that you would like to go.