A Warm Woolly Welcome to the Flock - Jenny Haynes |

A warm woolly welcome to the flock – Jenny Haynes

Big news! We’re thrilled to introduce our new member of the Adventurous Ewe team, Jenny Haynes. Jenny joins us to help shepherd & support our beloved adventurers, enhance and refine our systems, and further advance our ‘Make it More Meaningful Travel Policy’ and initiatives, a mission underscored by our Travelife Partner Award.

Fuelled by a love of all things travel, a knack for clear communications, and a spirit of teamwork and dedication, Jenny is poised to help enhance the care we provide to every traveller at every stage of their journey – ensuring an extraordinary experience from start to finish.

So without further delay, here’s a few words from our new Adventure Travel Consultant, Jenny….


“Hello! I’m Jenny✋🏻and I’m so excited to be welcomed into the Adventurous Ewe family! What an honour. I’ll be working behind the Adventurous Ewe scenes with Jim and Sue, consulting on all existing business and customer support processes 💻. I have a huge passion for improving operating models and customer satisfaction; an 11-year career has seen me successfully launch and manage business processes, projects and products on a global scale 🌍. Focused on customer relationship transformation and supporting sustainable growth, I am really excited to get stuck in. I’m particularly keen to tap into our social and marketing journey more to expand our reach to those who might not know about such authentic, sustainable adventure travel options through Adventurous Ewe 🫶🌱🗺️.

My friends would say I’m an adventure seeking fiend, with a love for hiking and sailing 🥾⛵. I spend most of my time in nature and most weekends I’ll be spotted in the Scottish mountains or hiking a Wainwright with my equally adventurous dog Maya 🐶. Hitting all 214 Wainwright fells is still pending, however, watch this space.

Having recently crewed in the 2023/24 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race ocean racing around Australia (which is how I met Sue! And what an exhilarating journey!) I’m super keen to continue to expand my ocean sailing capabilities, and get more women involved too (because it’s an incredible experience). I also sailed a 68ft yacht to the Arctic Circle with Skirr on their first ever expedition, passing 66 degrees north and exploring the wonders of Greenland and Iceland – epic!

Next adventure awaits…let’s make 2024 a year of exploring; what adventures are you thinking about doing? 👀👀 Let me know, and maybe I’ll join you.😉”


So please join us in welcoming Jenny. We’re thrilled to have her (and Maya) aboard our small yet super passionate and personable team.

To get in touch with Jenny, simply email jenny@adventurousewe.co.uk