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Our steps for your safety and well-being

Adventurous Ewe’s core business of operating adventurous trips around the world carries with it inherent risks for both its group leaders and travellers. With this in mind, Adventurous Ewe has a responsibility to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to provide trips that are safe, therefore, we put the safety and well-being of you, our leaders & crew and the communities we visit at the centre of all our operations, always.

We have also implemented a range of changes and precautions focused on ensuring strong hygiene practices for all our adventures. This also includes ensuring our suppliers ie. accommodation, transport and catering, have strong hygiene practices in place as well.  

With relation to COVID-19 and other potential pandemics, we have systems in place to ensure we keep ourselves up to date and make the necessary amendments to our procedures and operations swiftly and efficiently with you and our crew at the forefront, always. Feel free to visit our Safety and Well-being Guidelines which are updated in respect of new government guidelines.

Adventurous Ewe is no stranger to implementing safety checks. Chief Ewe, Jim, is an avid paraglider and therefore has ploughed plenty of time into training and preparation with safety measures and checks being at the forefront for his love of this adventure sport. It’s the same great level of care and attention to detail when it comes to running Adventurous Ewe trips as safety and well-being of all our team (you, our leaders and crew) is paramount. 

Below are our 9 steps to ensure your safety in the field:

1. Assessments

Navigating your way through the remote wilds of this planet on an epic adventure does attract an element of risk. All our overseas and UK based trips are intentionally challenging and require individual preparation as they are designed to take you out of your every-day comfort zones and achieve something amazing. Rest assured we have a thorough Safety Management System, indepth risk assessments, risk management systems, crisis management and new health and well-being procedures in place. Accidents can still happen, but our teams are trained and experienced to deal with these.

2. Emergencies

Whilst on your trip, Adventurous Ewe Leader/s and Crew will have a satellite phones, mobile phones and radios communications in case of emergencies. The team are trained to deal with these situations and pre-planned emergency evacuation procedures are in place. All leaders have necessary qualifications and experience to lead each activity that we offer (mountaineering, hiking, biking, kayaking or rafting) together with Rescue & Emergency Care first aid qualifications as a minimum. Please ensure you listen to your Leader during these times and refrain from putting any posts on social media. Your Emergency Contact at Adventurous Ewe HQ is Jim Young on +(0)7747 346 588.

3. #SafeTravels stamp

We are proud to have adopted the new global Safe Travels protocols with health and hygiene global standardised practicies as produced by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Adventurous Ewe has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp, which provides travellers with assurance that we have implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols.

These global protocols were developed in collaboration with WTTC Members, leading industry associations & international organisations and take into account the current guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The objective is to ensure that protocols are in place across all relevant functions with an increased focus on health, hygiene, and reduction of physical contact guidance which travellers will need and expect to embrace a safe travel experience.

We have signed and adopted these protocols to help enable the building of safe travels across the globe in a consistent manner and ensuring the safety and hygiene of travellers are of top priority in all our operations. With being a small tour operator, we may only be a tiny drop in the massive ocean of tourism, but collectively and in collaboration, we can make a big wave to help establish a globally-consistent approach to recovery which will make a real difference to the planet and it’s people. We are united in the common goal of tourism’s comeback to generate benefits going far beyond the tourism sector.

For the purpose of alignment across industries within the Travel & Tourism sector, WTTC has divided the protocols in four pillars of which we have taken on board:

  1. Operational and Staff Preparedness
  2. Delivering a Safe Experience
  3. Rebuilding Trust & Confidence
  4. Implementing Enabling Policies

Ultimately, we envision a future of travel which is safe, secure, seamless and provides an authentic and meaningful experience to the traveller across the journey; one which supports the livelihoods of millions and contributes to sustainable economic growth. 

4. Accommodation

We carefully select our local operators and accommodation providers and are working with them to review their procedures to further protect your health and safety. We pride ourselves in travelling in small groups and staying at smaller, locally owned hotels, guesthouses, etc and where possible, particularly in Snowdonia, use a locally owned lodge which we can organise a private booking for our group only. This means fewer guests and better social distancing practices.

Our trips are primarily based on twin room share in order to save you money on costs. If you prefer to have your own room or tent, we can organise this for you subject to availability. There is a single room supplement cost for your own room or tent however we strive to keep this cost to a minimum and only pass on the charges as direct from the accommodation provider.

For solo travellers on our small group trips who opt to share a room with a fellow member of the team, you will share a room with that person for the entire trip.

5. Transport

Our vehicle transfers are via private vehicles for our groups only (not shared with other passengers). The vehicles are hygienically deep cleaned daily and hand sanitiser will be provided on entry and exit of the vehicle. All drivers will be issued with PPE and will follow national policies together with our health & safety guidelines.

You will be assigned seating allocations to ensure social distancing and to minimise the risk of cross contamination. You will also be required to wear face-masks until further notice as well.

6. Leaders & Crew

Your Local Leader is an integral part of your trip and are well versed in our new Health, Safety and Well-being operating procedures. All local guides have up-to-date knowledge of the nearest local clinics, testing procedures and health policies in each destination and measures taken if a member of the team develops any symptoms of COVID-19. They are also expertly trained and experienced in every field of your adventure, bilingual and qualified in first aid and/or a Wilderness First responder. They also have a huge passion for what they do and have plenty of knowledge ready to share with you. They are responsible for ensuring the complete safety, well-being and enjoyment of the team whilst also retaining a flexible and fun attitude. The Leaders have radio and satellite phone contact with base, the local office and Adventurous Ewe’s HQ.

For most trips you will also be accompanied by an Adventurous Ewe Leader who is fully experienced and certified and has been carefully selected to ensure you have the best experience with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. Your Leader is also has remote first aid qualifications and experience and will be carrying emergency first aid items.

7. Meals

Food is a big part of a travel experience, be it sampling new cuisine to fuelling you for your activities ahead, so we know that it is crucial that you feel safe and eat well whenever stopping for a meal. We will continue to ensure good hygiene is maintained whilst also supporting local restaurants in the countries we visit. Our local restaurants are carefully selected to ensure good hygiene, quality food and physical distancing is consistently practiced.

8. Small group travel

Even before the new normal of social distancing emerged globally, we operated in the realm of small group travel to minimise our impact on the environment, allow more respect towards local communities and culture, to maximise your safety and well-being and to make your travel experience more authentic. Whether it be enjoying the peacefulness of a colourful desert sunset whilst perched on a sand-dune, trekking as a small team and reaching the mountain peak together for that all emotive high-five or meeting local people and being immersed in their way of life. On average our group size is around 12 people which is ideal for travel experiences and social distancing. It’s the experience and the stories that you’ll share for years to come with new friends who come from all walks of life. For added confidence you can also book a private bubble group trip with members of your own flock.

9. Joint responsibility

We cannot ensure your safety alone and we’ll need everyone who travels with us to take an equal share of responsibility in following guidelines and taking whatever precautions they can to help us keep you and any fellow travellers safe. On booking your trip you’ll be provided with top tips on how to keep yourself, your fellow travel pals and your leaders & crew safe. When on an Adventurous Ewe trip, the entire group ‑ you, your travelling pals, the guides and crew alike ‑ are a team who share the same needs for safety and well-being in the environments we travel through.

Anyone (including you, leaders, crew and drivers) who exhibits possible symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to get themselves tested – with our full assistance, of course, if needed – at the earliest possible opportunity and to self-isolate until results are received. In the unfortunate instance of a positive result we will provide all and any assistance we can and ensure that everyone who may have come into contact with the affected party within the previous 14 days is notified as soon as possible as part of globally recognised track and trace schemes.

If you have any questions regarding your safety and well-being, please feel free to contact us as we’re only too happy to put your mind at ease when travelling with Adventurous Ewe. 


Future of Tourism

Finally, we’re really excited to be part of the movement to reshape the Future of Tourism with signing the new set of Guiding Principles launched by the Future of Tourism Coalition. As a signatory, we commit to place destination needs at the centre of our recovery strategies and do our part to build a better tomorrow for travel and tourism.

These transformative principles outline a bold vision for the future of tourism – one that retains the integrity of destinations, promotes inclusivity and equality, maximises positive impacts for communities and environments, and fosters collaborative change.

As a collective, we can build a better future for all and we’re super excited to do our part.

Learn more at Future of Tourism  #FutureofTourism