Celebrating 'International Mountain Day with Adventurous Ewe

Celebrating ‘International Mountain Day’ today.
‘Mountains matter for Youth’ is the theme of this year and we’re keen to help share the message.
Young people are active agents of change and the future leaders of tomorrow. They are custodians of mountains and of their natural resources, which are being threatened by climate change.
The 2019 International Mountain Day’s theme is a great opportunity for young generations to take the lead and request that mountains and mountain peoples become central in the national and international development agendas, receive more attention, investments and tailored research.
The day is an occasion to educate children about the role that mountains play in supporting billions up and downstream – by providing freshwater, clean energy, food and recreation.
Tourism can be a powerful force for good. This is what Jim (Chief Ewe) love’s about these journeys and part of the reason for setting up Adventurous Ewe. To experience the mountains with people willing to step out of the comfort zone and explore and help this incredible planet. When tourism is managed sustainably and meaningfully it can really help to protect and preserve a place. So get up, get out there, and experience the best this amazing world has to offer. Seek out authentic and immersive trip experiences and adventures, something that you will be able to look back on and remember for a long time.