How to travel a little more responsibly | Get back on track

How to travel a little more responsibly and get back on track….

How to travel a little more responsibly?

Have you found yourself in limbo-land and wondering what to do next? Where to go? Or how to travel a little more responsibly? To help get the wheels in motion, we’re dedicated in creating incredible adventures that are right on track to be run responsibly and sustainably where-ever possible. As part of this work, we’re expanding our itineraries to offer train travel options to help with reducing our carbon emissions and adding the overall experience of your trip. Below are a few adventures where you can jump aboard a train and experience the sights, sounds and encounters as you travel with the locals towards your final destination. So together let’s get back on track with some of these incredible journeys……

Kings Trail Arctic Snowshoe Expedition, Sweden

How to travel a little more responsibly?

Travel by train in the precious environment of the Arctic Circle. Once in Sweden you can travel by rail from the capital city of Stockholm to Sweden’s northernmost city, Kiruna, which is the main hub of Swedish Lapland. There’s a direct overnight train, the NT94, with a journey time of around 15 hours. The typical departure time from Stockholm is at 18:00 and arrival time in Kiruna at 09:00. The night train offers seats in open-seating-cars, Couchette compartments with six berths and sleeper compartments which you can book for 1, 2 or 3 persons. Plus there’s a shower available for sleeping car travellers.

All in all a very comfy overnight train journey with scenic views across the awe-inspiring wintery landscapes of Sweden. A great way to start your snowshoe expedition along the Kungsleden (Kings Trail) in the Arctic Circle. For more info, please visit Rail CC or Kiruna Tourism

The Italian Camino Trek – Via Francigena

Italian Camino

A wonderful way to start your Via Francigena pilgrimage is to travel by rail to Italy. Experience a fantastic train journey from London to Rome and on to Montefiascone by the Eurostar and local rail networks and be captivated by the charming scenery that Italy has to offer. From rustic villages to beautiful landscapes. The country is one of nature’s masterpieces, with extraordinary natural diversity matched by few.   

The fastest train from London to Rome takes around 14 hours, covering a distance of approximately 1,434kms. From Rome to Montefiascone takes around an hour, covering a distance of approximately 77kms. Then, following the completion of your pilgrimage hike at the Vatican City, why not spend a few nights here exploring before boarding your return train home?. The Vatican is the world’s smallest sovereign state, and is perfectly perched over the river from Rome’s historic centre.

For more info and train times, please visit Rail Europe.

Ben Nevis & the Great Glen Triple Challenge

Ben Nevis Challenge


Or for something a little closer to home, why not experience the overnight rail journey to Inverness on the Caledonian Sleeper train? The Highland Capital of Inverness may be the ultimate destination for the start of your triple challenge in the stunning Scottish Highlands, but this rail route covers some of Scotland’s most enchanting locations including Stirling, Gleneagles, Perth, Pitlochry and Aviemore. The train departs London Euston at 21.15 and arrives at Inverness at 08.42 the following morning. It’s a great weekend escape, full of adventure in some of the UK’s most spectacular landscapes.

For more info and train times, please visit Caledonia Sleeper

Camino de Santiago Trek, Spain

Camino de Santiago

Or if you have time on your side, then hit the tracks for a picturesque journey from London to Barcelona. The fastest train takes around 10 hours and covers a distance of approximately 1,141kms. Then it’s time to sit back and enjoy the rural landscapes of Spain as you take two local trains from Barcelona to Sarria in northwestern Spain. From there it’s a short 10 minute taxi ride to Samos for the start of your 130kms pilgrimage walk along the legendary Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela.   

For more info and train times, please visit Rail Europe.

Top to Tail Sri Lanka

Top to Tail Sri Lanka


As part of our carefully crafted and unique itinerary traversing the length of Sri Lanka, on arrival into the capital city of Colombo, you’ll step aboard a local train for a beautifully scenic rail journey to Jaffna, a city perched on the northern tip of Sri Lanka. The Yal Devi train resumed service between Colombo to Jaffna on restored tracks in 2014 after almost 25 years of absence due to the war. During the war, the tracks were completely damaged. Both the Guardian & Telegraph have previously ranked this train journey and northern Jaffna as one of their top places to go. This fascinating coastal town has an absorbing mixture of colonial charm and vibrant Tamil culture while the Jaffna Peninsula and surrounding islands offer a string of remote temples and beaches.

The scenic train journey takes 6 hours and is a great start to your cycling adventure from the top to the tail of Sri Lanka. Taking the train and cycling is the best way to see this rural country and experience the way of life of its friendly people. 

To learn more about the Top to Tail Sri Lanka Cycling Trip, please visit the website and check out day 2 of the itinerary.

Great Wall of China Trek

Great Wall of China Trek

Or for the ultimate rail journey across the globe, why not travel from the UK to China by train via Paris (France) and Moscow (Russia). For many travellers, taking the fabled Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia to Mongolia and China is a bucket list experience for good reason. This epic journey starts on the Eurostar from London and over to the continent. Then onward to Moscow, where you then have several route options to consider……will you take the more traditional route via Berlin, Poland and Belarus? Or head north by train and ferry and experience the stunning scenery via Scandinavia to Saint Petersburg? You also have the option to stop enroute before travelling through the distant expanse of Mongolia. Finally, you can then revel in final night on the train as you cross the Gobi Desert to Beijing, passing through rural China, mountainous river valleys, and past the Great Wall of China, and into Beijing. Here we have the perfect leg stretching trek for you as you explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China. Hike 50kms of carefully selected old and restored sections of the Wall to help with the comprehension of the sheer scale and history of this impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now this is an adventure of a lifetime. 

For more info, please visit the Trans Siberian Express. and Great Wall of China Trek


So why wait at the station and miss the chance of having a great adventure be it a weekend trip or a few days out of the office or a month’s expedition? Jump aboard and join us for a journey of a lifetime. Rail trips offer a greener way to travel and the chance to view some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, up close and personal. And since many train tracks traverse paths where other modes of transportation simply can’t go, you’ll be getting a front-row view to some beautiful remote parts of the world. If the reduced carbon emissions, convenience, price, meeting locals and comfort of train travel still doesn’t have you sold, perhaps the charm will. There’s just something very quaint, old-school, and, frankly, romantic about riding the rails, no matter where you’re coming from or travelling to.