Trekking the Arctic Kings Trail - Top Tips from Adventurous Ewe

Having just returned from our Kings Trail Arctic Circle Snowshoe Trek we asked our intrepid adventurers what their top tips were for trekking in the circle, so we can offer ewe the best tips for your arctic adventure. 

Top tips…

  • Buy the best pair of gloves you afford. Hestra Gloves come highly recommended (Maxine)
  • Research and test your footwear before the trek and ensure you have well insulated and waterproof boots. Salomon Tundra or The North Face Chilcat boots are a great option (Jane)
  • Good quality socks (merino wool) (Jane)
  • Take a hip flask. Great for taking a wee nip while watching the Northern Lights (Will)
  • Bring a small bottle of squeeze jam or golden syrup for your early morning porridge (Andy)
  • Tape you feet before you start trekking, to help prevent any blisters. Rock Tape comes highly recommended (Maxine)
  • Bring lots of warm clothes, during the ski bike transfer  you’ll need every item of clothing you have. Its cold!!! (Lucy)
  • Take LOADS of photos during your whole adventure and learn how to take pics of the Northern Lights (Sue)
  • Bring a light sleeping bags 2-3 season (Ali)
  • Pack ear-plugs (Trish)
  • Bring glasses and contact lenses. Wearing glasses with ski goggles can be uncomfortable (Trish)
  • Don’t forget to bring a pack of cards (Jim)
  • Have a Swedish sauna and run out in the snow (Will)
  • Pack some comfy sliders or crocs for the mountain huts (Sue)
  • Get used to wilderness wees. It’s quite liberating (Katrina)
  • Bring a battery charger such as a Pebble, as you can’t recharge your camera in the huts (Andy)
  • Take time to look around you as you’re walking the landscape is just amazing (Katrina)
  • Enjoy the remoteness and disconnect from your mobile phone and social media for a few days. Take time to say g’day to everyone in the group (Sue).
  • Pack a sense of adventure and humour! You’re in for a trek of a lifetime! (Jim)

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