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Travel Reflections


Travel reflections 🌟

Travel is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does travel provide countless opportunities in terms of growth, introspection and connection to ourselves and the world around us, it allows us to be acutely present whilst on the road and also gives us the power to keep growing on our return.
Travel is a form of education. It is needed in order to continue our learning about life outside the 4 walls of our comfort zone. The constant exposure to different sights, smells, languages, sounds, and norms will essentially lead us to view life a little differently.  
Travel Reflections
We begin to understand that our lives as we thought can shift into something different if we wish. It’s the perfect opportunity to see how we can live under these different elements, and function. Through this, we can attain a better sense of self, continuously learn & understand other people’s way of life, share our thoughts & experiences to help others develop and also give something back to the communities we visit.
What happens when our sense of self starts to increase, not only for us but the people we meet:
🌎 Increased capacity to rely on own abilities and resources to solve problems
🌎 Greater empathy towards people and cultures that we can share and inform others
🌎 Growing our own happiness with understanding ourselves more
🌎 Learning to value our own self-worth
🌎 Finding gratitude in the essential and “basic” things, like being alive and having the luxury to have a choice over many things in my life
🌎 The realisation that we don’t need many material objects to be happy
🌎 The confidence boost when we learn the extent of our own capabilities and seeing how determined and resilient we can be.
And the list can go on…
There is a glowing aliveness to our experiences whilst wandering but there’s also so much more to gain from travel when we reflect on these experiences we’re so very fortunate to have. My recent travel experiences and encounters through remote areas of Guinea will stay with me forever.
Join us for your next adventure to experience the tremendous gift that travel keeps giving to your life and many others.
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