UK Challenges and COVID-19 Update as at 23.05.2020 |


Together, we continue to face uncertain times amongst COVID-19 and we hope ewe, your family, friends and colleagues are doing as well as possible. We appreciate that social media is awash with COVID-19 updates, but we just wanted to touch base:

Firstly, with the government guidelines to avoid unnecessary travel and upholding social distancing advice, we’ve taken the difficult yet necessary decision to postpone all Adventurous Ewe’s UK challenges through to 24 July 2020. UK challenges from 25 July 2020 are currently scheduled to run as planned, however we will continue to monitor government advice and make the necessary adjustments when and where needed. The well-being of our beloved flock, staff, suppliers and the communities we visit is, as always, our top priority.

We’ll be in touch with all members of our flock, if we haven’t already, for more information regarding the rescheduling options of your UK challenge. Please remember, this is just a postponement, not a cancellation. We’ll be more than ready to welcome you back to the beautiful areas of the UK when the time is right; together with our extended team of leaders, crew, drivers, local accommodation places, local catering companies, local medal providers and the list goes on.

Secondly, with it recently being in the spotlight, Visit Wales launched “Visit Wales. Later” campaign, something that we imagine all areas across the UK wish to uphold. Please think hard about travelling to other areas in the UK to socially distance or isolate yourself and the extra pressures this places on an already stretched small community of hospitals, local shops and services together with the local volunteer services of Mountain Rescue and the RNLI.

It is important that we get out and exercise to keep active in these unusual times, but please remember we must do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Follow Government advice, maintain social distancing and exercise in an area local to your own home. A big thank-ewe as it really does mean a lot to these small communities, local services and volunteer services.

Lastly, we can’t wait for ewe to come and visit beautiful North Wales and other areas across the UK again when this is all over; but for now, please look after each other and keep each other safe. If we work together, we’ll get through this together. And remember, being kind and being awesome is not cancelled. And the mountains are waiting patiently for ewe and we hope to see you again later this year.

Stay safe and keep washing those hooves.