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Storytelling Through Photography Workshop

“Storytelling Through Photography Workshop with Jacob Little”.

Are you inspired by wild landscapes, outdoor adventures and visual storytelling? Here’s your chance to learn the craft of weaving narrative images captured during a great weekend of adventure in the heart of Snowdonia. Images that invoke feeling and go beyond the standard set of landscapes.

Join professional editorial photographer. Journalist and writer Jacob Little as he hosts a weekend workshop of storytelling photography and editing set amidst the diverse landscapes of Snowdonia. Perfect for beginners and people keen to discover the varied and dramatic landscapes across north Wales with 2 days of hiking. There’s never ending subject inspiration of coastlines, mountains, lakes, gorges and small Welsh villages.

Storytelling Through Photography Workshop

What you’ll learn:

We’ve all been there – taking thousands of pictures of beautiful landscapes. Then when you get home, you can’t choose between handfuls of images that look exactly the same. The quality of the images might be high in their own right, but they lack coherence, clarity and a narrative which tells the ‘story’ of your adventure.

  •  Learn – skills and practical equipment care in the wild
  •  Prepare – location scouting and planning
  •  Shoot – with a structured narrative and with confidence
  •  Edit – use key techniques and colour grading
  •  Deliver – an unforgettable story of images that move people.

Ideal skills for your next adventure, personal milestone or special occasion.

Who is Jacob Little?

Photographer and writer. Inspired by wild landscapes, outdoor adventures and rural craft. An editorial and commercial photographer, journalist and writer working with national publications and brands. Below are just some of the publications and brands which Jacob has worked with:

Jacob Little

Adventurer at heart

Plus with being an adventurer at heart and having the expertise of writing and photography. Jacob is the perfect pro and all round great guy to help you improve your photography and editing skills. Here’s a sample of some of his professional creative writing work amidst some incredible travels….

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If you’re itching to get outdoors within the guidance set by the government but want to avoid the crowds. There are many unsung hikes around the country that are likely to stay quiet and calm as people start to venture out again.

Want to find ‘hygge’ in England? Go to Cornwall in winter |

It’s winter. The Cornish wind whips around the crooks and crevices of the county’s boundaries, infiltrating all the empty spaces, where there are no people. From the tops of the desolate moors in Bodmin to the far reaches of Sennen beach in the very west, the whistling replaces the laughter of the millions of excitable holidaymakers that travel here each summer.

Coast magazine // Wilderness Kayaking | Jacob Little Portfolio

The Scottish islands have enchanted and enthralled us for millenia. They have provided escape from class and convention, inspired writers and poets, provoked volatile emotional intensity in songwriters and have provided explorers and adventurers with the opportunity to ‘contemplate a system of life almost totally different from what we were accustomed – to find simplicity and wildness and the circumstances of remote time or place.’

And one of our personal favourites from when Jacob joined us on our Arctic Snowshoe Expedition of the Kungsleden Trail in north Sweden….

Outdoor Enthusiast ( (Visit the ‘Contents’ page where you can click through to the article on page 38 ‘Snowshoeing the King’s Trail’).

It’s dark, early and rainy at Gatwick airport on a mid April morning. As with many passengers, the banality of the start of my journey belies the nature of my destination. I am travelling what feels like a world away, to the Arctic Circle and the bright, vast landscapes of north Sweden. I’m joining a group to hike a portion of the famous Kungsleden, ‘The King’s Trail,’ an epic hiking route that passes through some of the wildest and most protected areas of Europe.

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Photography Workshop

We hope you can join us for this exciting and exclusive adventure photography workshop. Create your own ‘collection’ of images to tell an impactful and emotive narrative in your own creative style.

For more info and dates, check out the website or get in touch. Limited places available on each workshop and private bubble group workshops can be organised for you as well.

Make sure you have the skills to capture the story of your next adventure and beyond.

Storytelling Through Photography Workshop