What is an adventure? |


It’s taking a leap outside your comfort zone; being drenched by tropical storms, searching for shade in unbearable heat and digging deep to keep going, blisters and all.

It’s climbing mountains, crossing deserts, trudging through jungles and connecting with other people.

It’s is a challenge taken on by ordinary, everyday people. A level playing field where chief execs rub shoulders with community volunteers, nurses mix with network analysts, teachers unify with tax accountants, builders work alongside bankers, and civil engineers team up with cleaners.


Adventure does not distinguish between experts or novices. There is nowhere to hide – if Mother Nature throws down the gauntlet, you all must be ready to face the same challenge. Tread the same muddy trail, endure epic long days, experience different or even difficult situations, face your fears and bond with new people.

What is an adventure


It’s about discovery, immersing yourself in new environments, customs and cultures. Adventure will have you uncovering strengths, sharing laughter & tears and looking at the world in a whole new light. It will teach you confidence, decisiveness and being self-aware. It will give you a sense of freedom and opens up unlimited possibilities. Experiences that are so vivid and remarkable that they may even shape your life.

Here at Adventurous Ewe, adventure is what we’re all about.
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What is an adventure

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