Why we don't do Black Friday | Adventurous Ewe

Late November has come around and with it, the habitual event of Black Friday. Along with our partners at ashmei this is a habit that we both wish to break.

In the Black Friday mayhem, we are rushed into buying things we don’t really need for fear of missing out. This over-consumption results in extensive waste. High street independents struggle to compete with online discounts, supply chains are pressured to meet excessive demands and the surge of deliveries come at an environmental cost.

This is unsustainable and not in line with our values as a socially responsible brand. To take part would be to contradict what we stand for so instead, we intend to break the mould. Plus we at Adventurous Ewe price our trips as best we can so you can experience the incredible adventures the world has to offer.



We don’t have massive overheads or profit margins for this reason. We reinvest as much as possible back into the company and to do what we can for the environment. Black Friday should be ‘green day everyday’ as we are proud of making a contribution to our partnership with the environmental charity, Cool Earth from each booking that we receive; we have invested in purchasing Water-To-Go Bottles for our overseas participants to reduce the amount of plastic in the world and we have also invested in a mobile travel app, Vamoos, to reduce to amount of paperwork produced for participants and make their travel prep more user friendly. 

This Black Friday, the ashmei team will be turning off their computers, closing their shop and heading outdoors. We at AE HQ will also be out of the office exploring the remote pockets of Columbia for a brand new and unique adventure. We challenge you to do the same. Resist temptation, put down your phone, get outside and enjoy this amazing planet and it’s people.

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Why we don't do Black Friday Adventurous Ewe