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10 reasons to visit Colombia


10 reasons to visit Colombia

As the world is reopening, you may start to be thinking of what will feature in your upcoming travel calendar? From me to you, might I propose 10 reasons to visit Colombia. Personally, having travelled extensively through Colombia (pre-Covid) and created Adventurous Ewe’s exclusive trip, I’m so passionate to share this terrific adventure and here’s 10 reasons why i thnk you should visit Colombia (there’s so many more too):
Kogi Tribe Colombia

1. Colombia is megadiverse

A country rich in biodiversity with towering Andes mountains, the capital Bogotá perched on flat savannah and the Amazon rainforest covering 35% of the country. The landscapes and wildlife are some that you won’t see anywhere else.


2. Unspoiled by tourism

Colombia remains largely unspoiled by tourism which assures its biodiversity, epic landscapes and pristine coastlines.
Tyrona National Park

3. Extraordinary culture

A wealth of ancient civilizations which left behind a fascinating spread of archaeological and cultural sites. And today it is a melting pot of cultures with a unique mix of ethnicities and people from around the globe; from indigenous African roots to Spanish settlers to Amerindians tribes and the Colombians themselves.
10 reasons to visit Colombia

4. La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City)

Dating back to 800 AD, making it a solid 600 years older than Machu Picchu. Unlike Machu Picchu, indigenous tribes still live in La Ciudad Perdida and given that it can only be reached by foot, it’s far less busy.

5. The Lost City Trek itself

A remarkable tourism story. Not only is it a biologically unique environment, the trek has been carefully set up alongside indigenous peoples still using their historic paths daily to reach this archaeological marvel.
Trek Colombia

6. The Colombians themselves

They’re known for their human warmth, their hospitality, enthusiasm, spontaneity and good humour. One of the main reasons why we love Colombia so much.

7. Cartegena

One of the best places in Colombia for vibrant architecture and culture, several parts of Cartagena were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Plus the roof-top bars for sundowners and colourful cafes are something to really enjoy.
VIsit Cartagena Colombia

8. Delicious food & coffee

Colombia’s range of climates and altitudes allows farmers to grow a large variety of crops year-round, with some fruits and veges difficult to find elsewhere. It prides itself on its fresh foods, with restaurants, street stalls and local cafes all making use of the produce in their home-cooked meals and snacks. And coffee. It’s fresh and it’s delicious.

9. Our 11 sustainable operations

These are intrinsic to our new Colombian adventure and what we’re so passionate about creating and helping deliver. When you book trips with us, you’re dealing with the people who create the trip (Jim & Sue), who know the trip inside & out so you can ask any questions no matter how big or small, the people who support you in the exciting lead up to your departure and the people who will join you on the adventure to ensure you have the best and safest time. We’re a small company with a big heart to make a difference not only to your travelling experience, but also to the local communities we visit.  Explore Colombia & The Lost City.
Colombia Jungle Trek

10. Safety

And what is often the elephant in the room when it comes to thinking about Colombia……..is it safe? Colombia is no longer a danger zone. Whilst it’s not a stranger to a notorious history filled with drug-cartels, guerilla and paramilitary wars, fortunately the peace agreement between the government and the paramilitary group (FARC) signed in 2016 marked the end of the long-withstanding tensions in the state. We’ve been there and travelled the country via public transport and never had a problem.
So if you’re looking for an epic adventure that’s off the beaten track and filled with history, mystery & biodiversity, then join me, Jim, (Founder of Adventurous Ewe), in Colombia this November or next on our Lost CIty Trek Or if you know someone who is looking for a new adventure, then please feel free to share our 10 reasons to visit Colombia blog with them.