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Finland Winter Wilderness Adventure


Be excited about Winter coming with these brrrrr-illiant winter adventures….

Crunching through fresh snow in an untouched landscape. Breathe in the crisp air whilst snowshoeing from hut to hut. Learn back country skiing amid majestic landscapes. Warm your cockles with cosy fires & traditional saunas. Marvel at the vast star filled skies at night and give yourself the best chance of witnessing the mesmerising Northern Lights.

These are what our winter adventures are made of. Why not come and see for yourself?

Now’s the time to get excited and jump aboard one of our top Winter trips departing in 2024…

Winter Iceland Snowshoe Expedition




Iceland Winter Hiking Expedition

As expeditions in remote wild places go, this is definitely up there! This is your chance to explore the dramatic landscapes of Iceland on snowshoes during its quieter and most vivid season. On this unique winter journey, experience the extreme contrasts of Iceland’s fire and ice. Snowshoe across snow-covered fields shrouded in geothermal steam, weather sub-zero temperatures from the warmth of outdoor thermal baths, take in views of a glacier-capped volcanos and marvel at the night skies painted with the immense colours of the northern lights. Join us on the Iceland Winter Hiking Expedition in February or March 2024. No previous snowshoeing or pulk pulling experience required as training is provided on all our winter trips.

Kings Trail Arctic Snowshoe Expedition


Kings Trail Arctic Snowshoe Expedition

This is your chance to feel like an Arctic explorer. In the extreme north of Sweden, 180kms inside the Arctic Circle, hides the last remote wilderness of Lapland. Arriving here you will experience the unique home of the Sámi people and Sweden’s ‘King of Trails’. An expansive landscape of incredible glaciers, birchforests, powerful rivers and the highest mountains in Sweden. Snowshoeing the 100-year old Kungsleden (King’s Trail) from hut-to-hut through spectacular and everchanging landscapes. What better place to enjoy a tradition sauna to cap off a perfect days wilderness adventure.

This is another self-sufficient expedition where chopping wood, lighting fire stoves for warmth in the mountain huts, cooking food and fetching water from remote ice wells will be part of your daily activities with living off-grid. Join us on the Kings Trail Arctic Snowshoe Expedition with two departures in March 2024.

Finland Winter Wilderness Adventure


Finland Winter Wilderness Adventure

Lapland, a magical place of unspoilt Arctic landscapes, snow-dusted woodlands and traditional lumberjack huts. In this winter wonderland, the air is crisp and the sound of rushing rivers set the scene for a memorable winter adventure by snowshoes and back country skis. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn and carve new paths in the powdered terrain plus have the option to join a husky sled, learn cross-country skiing or even snow-biking. Travelling by foot and in this less visited pocket of pristine wilderness, you’ll stay in traditional lumberjack cabins, have the opportunity to have an ice-dip and wood-burn sauna, back-country ski to a rocky canyon and a Holy place for the Sámi, winter hike to a wilderness hut and cook Lappish cheese and sausages by fire while admiring the polar night sky.

There’s a warm welcome waiting for you is this remote winter wonderland and the locals will share stories about their way of life, culture and the nature of Lapland as well as the fascinating history of the lumberjacks. Join us on our very first Finland Winter Wilderness Adventure departing in late January 2024.


If you’re keen to go off-piste, off-grid and be surrounded by some of the planets most epic and pristine winter landscapes, then get on board. All these trips have been created by us in partner-sheep with our local friends & operators and are exclusive to Adventurous Ewe. Whatever trip you choose, your winter adventure will bring you closer to nature, open your eyes to a different way of life and offer some life-changing challenges.

For more info visit our website or get in touch with Owner & Director, l 07747 346 588. There’s a brrrr-illiant adventure waiting for you.