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10 reasons to trek the Sahara Desert





The unique magic of a trek in the Sahara Desert is made even more memorable by the treasures to be found within them.    Delve into this out-of-this-world landscape to discover ancient cultures, dramatic desert environments, and get lost in some of the starriest skies you’ll ever see. Only a short flight from the UK, let yourself be transported into a world that feels a million miles away.

There are very few places on Earth that compare to the incredible landscapes you’ll see when you trek the Sahara Desert. Running roughly north-south along Morocco’s eastern border with neighbouring Algeria, the Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert.

Having personally lived in Morocco for many years over the winter months, this is one of my all time favourite destinations, not only because of the incredible scenery but the people are so friendly, welcoming and hospitable. It’s my second home and I love going back time and time again to see friends and their families. It’s a very special place.

Below are our my top 10 reasons for visiting this incredible and ancient wilderness of the Sahara Desert

Trek the Sahara Desert

1. Get off grid and reconnect with nature

With no wifi in the desert, it’s the perfect opportunity for a complete digital detox. There’s plenty of time to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in the serene Saharan landscapes amid a 360° horizon. You’ll experience the nomadic lifestyle as you journey through the Saharan desert with your Berber Guide and caravan of crew & camels. The Berber people refer to themselves by their indigenous name, Amazigh, meaning ‘free people’, so now’s the time to disconnect with the digital world and enjoy the back to basics way of living.   

10 Reason to trek the Sahara Desert


2. Ever-changing and diverse landscapes

Immerse yourself in the amazing desert scenery as you trek through wide-open plains, snaking wadis, dramatic plateaus, past tamarisk bushes, acacia trees, hidden villages, palm gorges, dry river-beds and moon-like sceneries. With the heat and the winds shaping the desert, the landscape is constantly on the move. The evidence is easy to see with the woven patterns and formations constantly changing.

10 Reason to trek the Sahara Desert


3. Sunset and sunrise

As the hot desert air starts to cool with the last of the sun’s rays, you’ll witness the dramatic colours changes of the desert during sunset. Pinks. Reds. Yellows. Orange. An absolutely breath-taking experience.

It’s also worth climbing out of your sleeping bag early and scampering up the peak of the nearest sand dune to witness the changing colours of a graceful sunrise as the suns slowly emerges above the untouched landscape. It will feel like you have the desert all to yourself.

Sahara Trek Sunset


4. Night skies

Marvel at the abundance of twinkling stars in the dark night skies, devoid of any light pollution. Wrapped in a blanket, looking up at the millions of stars and listening to the peaceful sounds of nothingness is an unforgettable experience. You’ll feel like you have all the time in the world.

Sahara Star Gazing

5. Local food

The local food is a delicious highlight awaiting your taste buds. Enjoy the immense flavours of homecooked cooked tagines and the warmth of freshly baked bread as it’s uncovered from desert ovens. Dining under the canvas of a traditional Bedouin tent is an appetising experience. Plus there’s plenty of evenings to sip your mint tea beneath a blanket of stars and give those weary legs a rest.

Berber Desert Trek


6. The Berber people

Some of the most warmest and most welcoming people on the planet. You’ll discover that hospitality is at the core of Amazigh culture, and you can’t fail to be struck by it when you journey through the Sahara with your Berber Guide and crew. You’ll learn so much about their culture and be pleasantly humbled by their way of life. 

10 Reason to trek the Sahara Desert


7. Meet like-minded people

With embarking on an adventurous style trip, this in itself accelerates the feel-good vibes between you all. Being out of your comfort zone with your fellow trekkers will bond your group quickly, and you’ll become good mates, possibly even life-long pals. With no set trail to follow as you wander through the desert, you have the opportunity to spread out and have some ‘me time’ or walk side-by-side and have a friendly chat. Our trekking groups are small and solo traveller-friendly. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first timer, we’re here to immerse you in your very own Lawrence of Arabia-type adventure story with as much support as you need. 

Trek the Sahara Desert

8. Say hi to your support crew, the faithful camel

What’s not to love about a camel? They’ve got adorable faces, a calm nature but they all have their own personalities (and snorts). Their antics will have you in stitches as you journey across the arid landscapes of their homeland.

Sahara Desert Trek


9. Adventure with purpose

We pride ourselves in small group travel to minimise the impact on the environment, to maximise your safety and wellbeing and to make your experience more authentic. On departure you’ll receive a free Adventurous Ewe Water-To-Go Bottle to help eliminate our single use plastic footprint in Morocco. Plus you can enjoy the experience with pride knowing that your Sahara Desert Trek will also help us continue our support of the leading climate care charity, Cool Earth. It’s a big win win!


10. You

What’s an adventure without you? We’d love to share this desert journey with you. You don’t need to be the world’s most experienced hiker to trek the Sahara. The only thing you need is a sense of adventure, some gritty determination and a pair of boots that are up for the challenge. You’ll be fully supported every step of the way from the moment you get in touch to the moment you return back home, filled with great memories, amazing stories and some new found travel friends!

10 Reason to trek the Sahara Desert



A trek in the Sahara Desert offers a rare off the beaten track journey which immerses you in an ancient land, culture and way of life. You’re in for a truly unforgettable journey that you won’t want to leave the magic behind. For more info, please get in touch as we really love chatting all things about the Saharan Desert or visit our trip page.

Thanks for joining me on this glimpse into the Sahara.

Jim, Founder of Adventurous Ewe