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12 Sustainable Travel Tips

12 Sustainable Travel Tips

Sustainable tourism doesn’t have to be challenging or compromising. For us sustainable travel should be the norm when it comes to planning and hosting an adventure. It’s about reducing our carbon footprint whilst increasing the economic benefit we bring to the wonderful places we’re so fortunate explore. It’s about Big Adventures with Small Boot-prints.

And there’s always more that both we can do as a travel company and you can do as a traveller to reduce our carbon footprint, support conservation, regeneration and communities. Here’s 12 sustainable travel tips which you can use with your travel planning….

1. Be choosy with your destination

Bucketlist destinations are obviously popular for good reason. Though with outstanding archaeological sites, iconic mountain peaks and stunning natural wonders, come throngs of tourists. Unfortunately, some of these places are buckling under the weight of them. Consider a country or region that doesn’t see as many visitors, like Colombia, Pakistan or Georgia. You’re far more likely to get under the skin of a destination when you break away from the crowd and open yourself up to something completely different. 

Sustainable Travel | Colombia | Lost City

2. Check out countries making strides with sustainable tourism

Choosing a destination that is earning its stripes in sustainable tourism is a great way to support regeneration, conservation and local communities. We make a conscious effort to create new itineraries in countries which are forging ahead with sustainable travel such as Iceland and Costa Rica. On each trips landing web-page scroll down and check out the ‘Sustainable and Responsible Travel’ info.

Travel Tips for Costa Rica

3. Consider adventures closer to home

Amazing adventures can still be found closer to home! Why not consider shorter-haul trips to reduce those air-miles. It doesn’t mean you can’t still feel a world away, get your dose of the truly exotic and immerse yourself in a different culture. Morocco, with its colourful and diverse landscapes, fascinating culture and delicious food, makes for a wonderful not-too-far-flung adventure. Or even closer still, why not consider exploring somewhere you haven’t ventured too in Scotland, England or Wales. The UK is host to many incredible landscapes.

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4. Make a train trip part of your journey

To help get the wheels in motion, we’re dedicated in creating adventures that are right on track to run responsibly and sustainably where-ever possible. As part of this work, we’re expanding our itineraries to offer train travel options therefore a greener way to travel and the chance to view some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery along the way. If the reduced carbon emissions, convenience, price, meeting locals and comfort of train travel still doesn’t have you sold, perhaps the charm will. There’s just something very quaint, old-school, and, frankly, romantic about riding the rails, no matter where you’re coming from or travelling to. So jump aboard for your next trip.

12 Sustainable Travel Tips

5. Travel off-season

Travelling in the off-season is beneficial for everyone. You’ll save money, avoid the crowds AND you’ll be supporting communities and providing an income to local families around the year. The majority of our low season adventures have been carefully curated and are exclusive to Adventurous Ewe. We’re particularly proud of our Kings Trail Arctic Snowshoe Expedition and really looking forward to heading back out there  this coming winter.

12 Sustainable Travel Tips | Get of the beaten track

6. Get off the beaten track in more popular destinations

The bucket-list adventures are bucket-list as they’re renowned classics due to their famed landscape features or cultural importance! However, you can get off-the-beaten-track pretty much anywhere in the world and you’ll get to discover a side to commercialised destinations you might not have known even existed. It also spreads your tourist money a bit further afield. Nepal is a perfect destination to do this and travelling with us takes the guess-work out of where to go and what to do.

Why not take a look at our exclusive and carefully crafted itineraries of Annapurna Explorer Trek and Manaslu Trek all of which reach our 12 Sustainable Travel Tips

Annapurna Trek | Nepal


7. Lace up your hiking boots or jump on a bike for human powered travel

A trekking or cycling adventure offers the chance to really immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the world’s hidden wild frontiers and meet people along the way you may not otherwise meet. That’s the golden gem of all our trips. People that are likely to be just as excited at the prospect of meeting you, as you are them! Exploring a country by foot or by bike is not only good for you, but is also perhaps the greenest way to travel. Fresh air, exercise, all while discovering a new place, immersing yourself in the local way of life and being planet-friendly! Check out our trekking and cycling trips for this kind of low-impact travel.

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8. Choose your accommodation wisely

Not all accommodation providers are created equal. In the same way that homes can be insulated, heated and cooled differently, accommodation emissions can vary wildly. Check with us when booking or look for companies that have signed up to Science Based Targets. Operators that are working to address their carbon footprint are listed on the Tourism Declares A Climate Emergency page and we’re proud to be one of them.

Future of Tourism

9. Consciously turn things off

It’s easy to lapse when away from home, but we should all apply the same good behaviours as we do at home when it comes to conserving energy. Turn lights out and the air conditioner or the heating down/off when you leave your room and unplug any appliances rather than leaving them on standby. Simple.

10. Get cultural and buy local services

Getting familiar with the local culture is a great way to enrich your experience whilst on an adventure. Supporting local guides and businesses is a great way to keep your carbon footprint down and make memorable experiences to boot. We take great care when selecting our local operators world-wild to ensure they share passion about sustainable travel operations.

Explore Colombia | Sustainable Travel Tips

11. Choose seasonal food in your location

Food with the least food miles is as much your friend at home as on holiday. So savour the beautiful tomatoes in summer in Italy, the juicy ripe watermelons in Colombia and the fresh vegetable tagines in Morocco guilt-free.

12. Leave no trace

It should go without saying, but wherever you go, respect the local disposal, recycling and bottle deposit schemes and use them accordingly. And, if you’re out in nature, take everything home with you. Simple actions such as avoiding the purchase of bottled water during your travels. Here at Adventurous Ewe we’ve invested in Water-to-Go bottles so all our overseas travellers will receive a free refillable filtration bottle to help you be healthier during your travels whilst also avoiding the purchase of bottled water! Together we can dramatically reduce our consumption of single use plastics and support our responsible travel ethos of ‘Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but boot-prints, keep nothing but memories.’

12 Sustainable Travel Tips | Leave no Trace Travel


We hope you’ve enjoyed these 12 sustainable travel tips and can use them to enrich your next adventure whilst lowering its carbon footprint. Or why not come with us on this on your next amazing journey and know you’re travelling sustainably. Feel free to get in touch with Jim or Sue at Adventurous Ewe to chat more. Where else can you speak directly with the owners of the company, who have created the trips, who both share a huge passion for the planet, it’s people and your experience.

Rest assured we are continuously striving to develop and improve our sustainable travel operations. We’re delighted to have been admitted into the EU-funded SUSTOUR project that supports over 600 small and medium-sized tour operators and travel agents from 35 European countries in improving their sustainability performance. Sustainability is a core value of the tourism experiences that we want to provide for you, our valuable flock. Therefore, we are happy to participate in this one-year support programme and we commit to using this opportunity and actively improving our sustainability management and performance.

Happy sustainable travels ahead.

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