Sustainable Destinations - Where's Your Next Adventure?
Sustainable Destinations | Adventure 2022
As part of our Climate Emergency Plan we continue to prioritise green destinations. 
We’re always up for championing the destinations that are showing a whole lot of love for the welfare of the world. Whether powering their nations on renewables, or addressing specific environmental or community issues, these nations are making the planet a better place while inviting us to explore them in an eco-friendly way. We actively seek out countries who are making a difference to sustainable and green tourism with developing our trips.
So if you’re dreaming of adventure in 2022, why not become a more conscious traveller?
We’re really chuffed to see some of the countries we choose to run trips too are featured in the latest Conde Nest Traveller’s sustainable destinations list.
Sustainable Destinations Scotland

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland

The rewilding mecca and Wilderness Scotland has been showcasing sustainable tourism for two decades. The conservation of tens of thousands of acres of the Scottish Highlands is really something to admire with it being so close to home. To explore this jaw-dropping landscape from the Scottish Highlands to the picturesque lochs, join us on the Ben Nevis & Great Glen Challenge. A self-powered 2-day journey by bike, boat and boots from Inverness to the summit of the mighty Ben Nevis.
Adventure 2022

🇸🇮 Slovenia

More than a 10th of the rolling countryside is formally protected, spanning Alpine peaks, ancient forests, Karst plateau, the Pannonian plains’ vineyards and thermal waters down to the dinky 29-mile stretch of Adriatic coast. To immerse yourself in this fairytale landscape, join us on our brand new Slovenia Multi Activity Adventure and summit the highest peak in Slovenia, Mt Triglav, cycle the valley trails through lush green forests and paddle the crystal clear waters of Bohinj Lake and Sava Bohinjka river.  
Sustainable Adventure 2022

🇨🇷 Costa Rica

An eclectic UNESCO-protected mega-ecosystem. Boosting biodiversity is regularly cited as one of the biggest priorities in restoring equilibrium for our land, sea and atmosphere. Home to almost 6% of the world’s species, Costa Rica is a world-leading cultivator of this essential complexity of life on Earth and one of the first countries to promote responsible ecotourism. Here’s your chance to embark on our Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventure. An exciting self-powered 250km journey by bike, boots and boats across this diverse country from the Pacific to the Caribbean. Through thriving jungles, over the impressive Continental Divide – backbone of the Americas, along the beautiful Pacuare River, into remote & friendly mountain villages and out to the other side to the Caribbean Sea.
Sustainable Travel | Sweden

🇸🇪 Sweden  🇮🇸 Iceland  🇳🇴 Norway

Scandinavian eco-energy superheroes. Now that we know there’s so much emphasis on the need to decarbonise our energy systems, let’s show some support for the countries with the highest reliance on renewable energy.
Sweden – discover the Arctic Circle and one of the most remote wilderness treks in Europe, Kungsleden, (the Kings Trail). Your winter snowshoe expedition begins in Abisko, home to one of Sweden’s oldest National Parks, famous for being one of the best places on earth to view the Northern Lights. The perfect digital detox experience and getting back to basic living.
Iceland – Our Laugavegur Trek is a wonderful and wild hike amongst the unique landscapes of Iceland and one of the most spectacular wilderness treks in Europe. From the modern city of Reykjavik to the volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls and steaming lava fields of the interior, Iceland is a country of great contrast.
Or travel in the ‘Low Season’ and explore the dramatic landscapes of Iceland on snowshoes during its most vivid season. Winter sees this small island nation transform into a majestic world of lava fields & volcanoes blanketed in snow, waterfalls flowing amid shimmering ice and night skies painted with the Northern Lights. 
Plus we’re pleased to continue to expand our green destinations portfolio so watch this space for our new Norwegian Fjords Hiking & Kayaking Trip coming soon.
We hope this helps you to have a more conscious and responsible way of looking at travel. And assists with making conscious decisions with where you choose to visit on your next adventure. Travel is a wonderful thing, an act that connects us all to each other and results in myriad positive social and economic outcomes. We just need to remember that it is also a privilege, and we must approach it accordingly.
Iceland Adventure 2022