Top 8 Adventures for the long-awaited Covid Great Escape

Top 8 adventures

Our top 8 adventures for the long-awaited great escape

It’s hard to believe we’re living through a period of history that will be remembered for years to come……’Oh I remember the months we spent in lock down; treading the same trails for our daily close to home exercise, binge watching Tiger King, The Crown, Cobra Kai, The Queens Gambit (and the rest), turning the dining room into an office, home-schooling, finding ourselves in a cooking rut’ and the list goes on. Along with the very unfortunate and immense health issues across the globe, the world of travel simply stopped in its tracks which left many people reflecting on past adventures and dreaming of ones a new.

So we’ve pulled together our top 8 adventures for your COVID jail-break where you can immerse yourself in spectacular new landscapes, meet new people and learn about fascinating cultures plus help local tourism get back on it’s feet. When it’s safe to do so, let’s go and create our own bit of history with new experiences, stories and memories, that may even raise an eyebrow or two over dinner with friends.

So here’s our Top 8 Adventures and Great Escapes, though we absolutely love all these trips and couldn’t possibly rank them in order of preference, so we’ve reverted to the good ole alphabetical sequence:

Top 8 Adventures | Colombia

1. Explore Colombia and The Lost City

Explore Colombia’s towering Andean mountains, unspoiled Caribbean coast, vast jungle landscapes and communities, hidden archaeological ruins and cobbled colonial cities on this carefully crafted itinerary.

Following an in-depth research trip to Colombia (click here for more info), we’ve pulled together this unique itinerary in order to showcase the highlights and history of this fascinating country. As a quick snapshot you’ll journey through the diverse landscapes & towns and encounter some remarkable Colombian people, traditions and communities including the very special Kogi people of the Sierra Nevada.


Top 8 Adventures | Costa Rica Coast to Coast

2. Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventure

Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean on the other, Costa Rica is a small country that packs a lot in. Now’s your chance to embark on this exciting self-powered adventure as you bike, hike and paddle 250km across the entire breadth of this diverse country. Your journey will take you under thriving jungle canopies, over the impressive Continental Divide – backbone of the Americas, swooshing along the beautiful Pacuare River, through remote and friendly mountain villages and out to the other side to the Caribbean Sea. This adventure has it all.


Top 8 Adventures for the long-awaited Great Escape

3. Iceland Winter Hiking Expedition

Explore the dramatic landscapes of Iceland on snowshoes during its most vivid season. In the winter months, this small island nation is transformed into a majestic world of lava fields & volcanoes blanketed in snow, waterfalls flowing amid shimmering ice, and night skies painted with the immense colours of the northern lights.

On this unique winter journey, experience the extreme contrasts of Iceland’s fire and ice. Snowshoe across snow-covered fields shrouded in geothermal steam, weather sub-zero temperatures from the warmth of outdoor thermal baths, and take in views of a glacier-capped volcanos.

This wintery exploration amidst some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes is a must do for anyone with a great sense of adventure. No previous snowshoeing or pulka pulling (sleigh) experience is necessary. Plus Iceland is now ‘Green’ on the UK’s travel traffic light system. 


Triglav Multi Activity

4. Slovenia Multi Activity

From the soaring peaks of the Julian Alps to the sparkling blue-green lake of Bohinj, this is the ultimate setting for an incredible adventure by bike, boots & boat. Hike to the summit of the highest peak in Slovenia, Mt Triglav, bike the scenic green trails of Bohinj Valley and kayak the crystal-clear emerald glacial Lake Bohinj and paddle down the Sava Bohinjka River. This new and exclusive adventure is the perfect way to experience this fantastic green country. Or if you’re short on time, there’s always conquering the summit of Triglav in 3 days. The perfect weekend great escape.


Crossing Snowdonia

5. The Snowdonia Crossing

Join this self-powered Coast to Coast 125km journey by bike, boots and boats from coast to coast across remote sections of Snowdonia National Park. Over 3 days you’ll venture off the beaten track following ancient drover trails, forest tracks and mountain paths as you cross from the seaside town of Barmouth, through forest, moorland, gorges, up Snowdon and arrive at the historic Conwy castle nestled on the North Wales coast. Discover new landscapes on this unique Welsh adventure carefully crafted by Jim using his extensive local knowledge.


Winter Toubkal Climb

6. Mt Toubkal Morocco, Summer or Winter Trek

From the bustling Marrakech, venture into the heart of the High Atlas through traditional Berber communities which line the route to the ‘Roof of North Africa’. You’ll gain an understanding of their customs and traditions through village visits and enjoy home-cooked hearty meals. The views enroute are spectacular, but nothing compares to what you’ll see (and feel) at the top of Toubkal. From the summit at 4167m, you’ll experience stunning 360-degree views across the rocky Atlas ranges and the Sahara Desert. Summer or Winter treks are available, but if you’re undecided about when to go, check out Jim’s thoughts following years and years of guiding in Morocco.


Spanish 3 Peaks Challenge

7. Spanish 3 Peaks Challenge

Take on Los Tres Picos, aka the Spanish 3 Peaks, and summit 3 of Spain’s highest mountains. Over 3 days you’ll traverse the beautiful Sierra Nevada National Park, tackling Alcazaba at 3,371m, Veleta at 3,394m and finally Spain’s highest – Mulhacén at 3,482m. The mountain range is the second highest in Europe after the Alps and includes 15 peaks higher than 3,000m. This mighty trekking challenge is available in both Summer and Winter.


Vietnam to Cambodia Cycling

8. Vietnam to Cambodia Cycling Challenge

Experience an incredible cultural journey as you pedal 450kms off the beaten track to immerse yourself in the rawness and beauty of Vietnam and Cambodia. Pedal to the rhythms of the mighty Mekong with boats and markets afloat of this vast water world. Witness the local way of life, the warmth and friendliness of the country’s rural hospitality. Arrive in Siem Reap near the Western Gate of Angkor Wat to witness sun set over sugar palm trees marking a memorable finish to an iconic two wheeled adventure.


Trek Patagonia Ice Fields

We’re also got our sights firmly set on our great escape to Patagonia in November 2022! Trekking to the incredible Southern Icefields and impressive Mt Fitzroy range. We have a limited number of places still available if you fancy making your 2022 great escape one to remember.  

BIke Sri Lanka

Or to check out our full list of new adventures, simply click here. From Sri Lanka to the Spanish or Italian Camino Trails to learning the skills of storytelling through photography so your adventure can live and inspire for many years to come, there’s plenty of wonderful experiences to be had.

Future of Tourism

With Adventurous Ewe, you can book with confidence and travel with excitement. We’ve made booking trips as flexible, safe and as simple as possible. Plus you can opt to pay in monthly installments with no extra charges so you can get out there and live your dream.

We hope our Top 8 Adventures has inspired your travel plans and great escape. We’d truly love you to join us in exploring a patch of the planet that’s truly off-the-beaten-track. Or why not get your very own private bubble group together for your first COVID jail break? We may only be a small company in the realm of global tourism, but we’re really passionate to share meaningful experiences with you and help the many families worldwide who rely heavily on tourism for their income. From other small operators, to porters, to drivers, to family run accommodation places, restaurants and beyond. Together, we can all make a difference.

Take care, happy adventure planning and make the most of your great escape! 

Jim, Sue & Moshi-dog

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